Rental Agreement No Smoking Clause

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You`re joking, you`re joking?!!! I have asthma, which is the result of being a child in a house that smokes and smoke can trigger a serious reaction! It also stinks, people smoke in public spaces and it`s just dirty. We cannot extort a ransom from a few people who think they can do what they want. However, the applicability of this clause is another problem. If the landlord is satisfied that a tenant has smoked without their permission; They must first gather evidence of it. Just to say that the space smelled like a “smoked bit” probably won`t cut it in front of a dish! To dislodge a tenant for these reasons, a landlord would have to be in possession with one of the improper grounds of possession such as Ground 12: the tenant has breached one or more conditions of the tenancy agreement, with the exception of the tenancy obligation. However, this is one of the grounds for possession if the court has discretion as to whether or not to grant a property order to an owner. I live in an apartment, and I have a neighbor upstairs, and all his smoke arrives in my apartment at one point when I entered my room, and I couldn`t sleep at 10pm because it was full of cigarette smoke. It is absolutely disrespectful to these neighbours. My rental agreement says that my premises are for “enjoyment of life”. Where is my pleasure, where I have to close my terrace door in hot weather because of those who are simply disrespectful? The hallways are full of warnings that smoking is not allowed, but I spoke to the company that manages the building, and they said they could not prevent people from smoking in their homes. Everything`s fine, but could I go to court and ask the owner not to let me “enjoy my livelihood”? I literally feel locked up! Elsewhere in the agreement, it is stated that the tenant is responsible for the costs of repairing damage caused by fumes or burns from any source, including incense, candles, smoking or chimney. Depending on the asset class, it is almost impossible to apply them. What kind of property do you rent? What is the rental price, the makeup district etc? What vocabulary should I use if I put a non-smoking clause in our rental property lease? Can I include that right? Thus, it seems that smoking tenants are not appreciated by the majority of landlords and their tenants.

I`m a landlord, my neighbor lives in a private rental. Both inmates are heavy smokers. As a family of five, we cannot enjoy our garden or wash them because of the constant smell of cigarettes. Can I contact the owner and complain about a waste of time? One way to manage the damage caused by a smoking tenant is to charge a premium rent. There is not much to do, maybe 5%, just enough to cover the renovation costs. As I`ve said before, 1 in 5 people still smoke, so tolerant can be an owner can give the market a chance if you have nothing against regularly redecorating. Responsibility: Declare that the tenant will defend the landlord if injuries occur because the tenants have violated the addition and smokes or uses substances by the prohibited agreement. Another recent survey, that of Easyroomate, showed that 38% of private landlords would actually evict tenants they caught smoking in their building.