Gambar Film Wedding Agreement

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The film scene ends with a wedding scene from Aldi and De Sarah. A word of advice, isn`t it? Towards the end, the plot of the film rolls too fast, so that the ending seems a little instantaneous. That`s it, anyway. In addition, the marriage agreement may exceed public expectations. It became a drama based on love and trust, with a funny sense of humor. TRIBUNNEWSWIKI.COM – Wedding Agreement is a film based on the Roman Wedding Agreement by Mia Chuzaimiah. “I couldn`t find a title suitable for the Indonesian language for this film. I`m sorry if the title is in English, but please don`t question the title. But enjoy the story, I hope everyone will enjoy it,” said Starvision producer Chand Parwez. See the rest of the story in the film Wedding Agreement, broadcast in Viu. The wedding trailer implies a visceral sense of drama.

At first, the audience may have guessed that the film The Verses of Love or Heaven that Are Not Missed is similar. Unexpectedly, the marriage agreement has a pretty strong comic element., Jakarta The name Refal Hady is familiar to those of you who like to watch Indonesian movies. Refal Hady began his career since his first role in the drama series Queen in 2016. Now Refal has played several ftv on one of the TV channels. The dramatic and romantic film “Marriage Contract” will be released tomorrow, Thursday, August 8, 2019. JAKARTA ( – After the release of the family drama ABG entitled Dua Garis Biru, which attracted an audience of 2 million people, starvision`s production company has once again released a film of family drama, more touching and touching blue. The film Wedding Agreement starring Indah Permatasari, Refal Hady and Aghniny Haque played the genre of romantic drama with Islamic values. The following list of film actors is based on IMDB[4]: Not only this pretty actor who has the right name Reza Fahlevi Al Hady in many popular Indonesian films like Galih and Ratna, Critical Eleven, Dilan 1990, Anthology of Taste to Friends Married. Parwez is adept at developing a variety of film stories. Thus, the film is still being chased by Indonesian film lovers, this time with the English title Wedding Agreement. The time to see a movie while eating noodles in Archie`s hands is cute.

The dialogue of the film, which departs from a story by Mia Chuz, does not feel condescending, but smiling. Talk about the reason for the illness when asked to pray at dawn, but the turn can call by phone suddenly healed, clearly menover certain Sconscience. With a beautiful face and excellent acting skills, Refal Hady has become one of the male actors who have been preferred by women.