Evergreen Line Project Agreement

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The Evergreen Line project is a new 11 km high-speed train extension that will connect burnaby`s Lougheed Town Centre station to Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station in Coquitlam, Lower Mainland, Vancouver. Springline Construction Services Ltd was the first on-site contractor for the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project and has since maintained a constant presence on site. The work included the construction of a 1 km MSE wall next to the CN-Bahn and the resulting massive filling and the installation of a 3,650 mm diameter CSP trench in a highly sensitive waterfront area. Road construction, rain drainage, power installation and transfer, electrical signalling, and sorting and paving were common components in the successfully executed contract. Funding for the project has been provided by four major groups: [36] The line is expected to open in the summer of 2016, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure said on Tuesday morning. The July 2012 project update provided the following description of the orientation:[37] On September 8, 2016, it was announced that the line was to be opened before Christmas 2016, but that a specific date had been set. [31] The department says the final agreement, project report and fair evaluation report will be released this spring. This statement led local news agencies to believe that TransLink had put the project on hold. On July 19, TransLink responded with a statement that followed: “The light rail transit system for the northeast sector is TransLink`s number one rapid transit priority,” said Malcolm Brodie, President of TransLink. “We have defined the project, and we are now waiting for funding to be confirmed by high-level levels of government.” [9] Evergreen Line is a new fast train line that will connect Coquitlam to Vancouver via Port Moody and Burnaby.

The Evergreen Line will be a fast, frequent and convenient Advanced Rapid Transit, or SkyTrain service, which connects downtown Coquitlam to downtown Lougheed in 15 minutes in 15 minutes via Port Moody. From the opening of the line until June 24, 2018, trains took the direction of leftbound traffic rather than normal right-hand traffic between Burquitlam and Lougheed Town Centre and used two switches south of Burquitlam Station to return to normal direction. Normal right-hand traffic between these two stations began on June 25, 2018 to reduce delays. Later that month, the second update of the project was published by the Evergreen Line project. The update indicated that the selection of contractors would begin in early mid-2010, that the environmental assessment would be completed in 2010 and that construction would continue at the end of 2010. The update also announced open houses for the September 2009 environmental assessment process and open houses for preliminary planning in October and November 2009. It did not address funding issues that have not yet been resolved. [15] In April 2016, the project was 85% complete, including rail work on elevated and high-level guided tours, guidance structures, tunnels, tunnels, railway stations and tests between Lougheed and Burquitlam Station.

[30] On July 19, 2012, the Canadian government, the City of Coquitlam and Coquitlam Shopping Centre agreed to include Lincoln Station in the Evergreen Line project, as the federal government contributed $7 million to a public-private partnership. [22] On October 7, 2011, the Council of Mayors adopted the 2012 Moving Forward Supplemental Plan to fund various transportation projects in the Metro Vancouver area, including the Evergreen Line.