I Stand In Agreement With You

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1. As I said above in this article, there will be many times that you will be able to bring down your own miracles from heaven in your personal prayer life with the Lord. On the one hand, there will be your own life of personal prayer that you will develop with the Lord. On the other hand, you will associate yourself with some of the most powerful and best prayer warriors you can find, so that you may be ready, if God calls you to approach him with this prayer of concord. Again, Jesus gave us a very powerful revelation, with what he told us in the verse above. If you want to become a round and powerful prayer warrior on your way with the Lord, be sure to try to develop both sides of this coin with the Lord. I believe that God and Jesus are trying to tell us, with the concrete wording of this verse, that there is an extreme power in collective prayer – where a group of believers all marry in one unity, in harmony and in agreement with what they will pray before the Lord. I prayed and ran away. I need my family to be healthy and bring my wife home. I gave everything to Jesus and I pray all day. I need his heart to be opened by Jesus.

God bless. Amen It would therefore be a blessing of the supreme order if God allowed you to meet not only one or two of them, but to come into contact from time to time with some of them to fulfill a more difficult order of prayer. These mighty warriors, strong in prayer, are so attached to the spirit and in harmony with the Lord that they know when and when they must associate with someone else. These people will not be easily encouraged to be drawn into minor and trivial prayer issues that have absolutely nothing to do. Unconstrained or able to work easily If God the Father were to consider you as trustworthy enough to connect with one or more of these people, not only will you have received a very special friend of God, but you will also have received a very powerful prayer partner and an ally who could help make a difference if you end up demeaning the greatest miracle you need somewhere on the street. God, the Father, will not have defiled or manipulated anything of these special, anointed prayer warriors. These people are on sacred ground with the Lord because of the very close personal relationships they have established with him. Pray for me, please.

I desperately need a job in the next two weeks, or I am in danger of losing my home. I have tried everything: pray, fast, but there is no answer from God. Pray for me that the Lord will help me find a loving and caring prayer partner and a good Prayer Church that supports me spiritually and also helps me get a quick job for the glory and honor of his name. Pray for me that the Lord will show me what hinders the response to my prayers, that these things are quickly removed, that the Lord lifts my mind and strengthens my faith and provides all the money I need right now and helps me keep my house. Here is what I personally discovered about this particular secret of prayer in my personal walk with the Lord. 2. As great and powerful as individual prayer with the Lord is, there is also a certain time and a precise place for collective prayer. There will be times when you will want to pull all the strings and invite other troops to storm with you the gates of heaven to try to get God to answer your prayer in a powerful and powerful way. If you are struck by this type of evil torpedo fire, you will also want to call your pastor if you belong to a church and ask him to ask the whole Church to pray for your son.

The reason God keeps so many of these mighty prayer warriors secret is that if the Word ever came out, who these people were and how powerful and successful they were in their own prayer life with the Lord, many people would try to use and abuse them, including many pastors and assistants from their own churches.