2019 National Agreement

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Article 35 – Offices – We can negotiate space actions that are not covered by the terms of the contract. However, the article was negotiated with the intention of reducing the need for costly and repetitive negotiations on any change of office. It was a very difficult article that could be agreed upon. You insisted that we give up our bargaining rights. The agency kept telling us that AFGE had given it up, so we had to do it as well. We resisted and we finally won on this point. The sharing of office and the hotel industry will be the future. We expect office space problems if the Agency decides to reduce the number of telework employees. Article 29 – Arbitration – The main amendments include reduced time frames for NTEU Counsel to invoke an arbitration case. Article 7 – Rights of the Union – New Language: “On request, the Agency makes available to the President of the NTEU chapter or its representative, in October, at the beginning of each exercise, a list of members of the excel negotiating unit. The list contains the name, office, email address and position title of each employee represented by NTEU.

Article 32 – Due – Wrapped with the modification of “LRO” to the Service Personal Office SPO ” and language regarding the future right to automate the process. Add to line 141 a new section 7 in which it says: “NTEU will receive information from its members on tax withholding. The Agency will review the data points requested by the NTEU in connection with these reports. Article 33 – Negotiations – We will pay negotiation-related expenses for our team. Mou has added sidebars for WebTA and Dragon. Article 10 – Facilities and services – This article has been largely rolled. One of the changes was that the chapter chair will not be entitled to a separate office for storing records and documents. Since most offices are office communities, I did not consider it necessary for the chapter chair to have not only an office for work, but also an office for this.

Most of our files are now managed electronically. Article 21 – Benefit – 60-day OPS. Performance assistance (“PA”) is eliminated. New hires are eliminated. The POs encouraged a 30-day OPS that the Agency insisted on for much of the negotiations. In the circumstances, we determined that the panel would probably grant it. The agency finally offered 60 days (until our last offer of 75 days), so we decided to take it because it was better than the 30 days that will probably be imposed by the jury. Article 19 – Requests for redeployment of staff – Change in a new system. The Agency has often put forward proposals to align NTEU with AFGE. Although we rejected this general position, we found that it was useful with regard to reassignments and that this body would certainly be convinced that a system used by SSA for 50,000 of its employees is also good enough for NTEU`s 2,200.

However, NTEU was able to settle outstanding arbitration proceedings regarding the Agency`s inability to use the transfer list. Chapter 224 employees worked with all members of the list to update them to approximately 110 employees. The Agency has agreed to offer transfers under the terms of the current section 19, but only if it finds openings. Article 20 – Promotion of Merits – With the addition of “Career Development for Individual Workers,” there are plans to encourage the development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP).